OTT Is The New Theatre

Oh god who might have expected that we will be at home for straight 8 months and nothing will be easier. Everyone was panicking and they didn’t know what to do at that point of time. Everything was chaotic and no people did not have a proper idea to get entertained.  People had no scope for entertainment. There was a worldwide lockdown. Everyone wanted to be safe and be home but be entertained. Then all the options have come up in the world. Whoever did not have the option of online entertainment also started putting those online entertainment. One good Telugu movies online ott is Aha. 

Why OTT has become the Major Theaters:

 Not only just on lockdown, OTT has become part of the people’s lifestyle. Theater experiences are awesome, everyone at some or the other point craves to watch on the big screen with loud music and dark mode. But there are some people who crave to watch at home with lots of comfort level of coziness of blankets and popcorn with family and friends laughing out loud.

The main factor that why people choose OTT is it gives a comfort level. You can watch it anywhere, it could be home, work space or while travelling.

It is available at any device like tabs, phones and lappys. There is an absolute possibility of watching the favorite shows and movies at any place and any moment. There are no limitations and resitions.

No just that OTT has the option of pause and play. If you do not want to watch it now, you can simply pause and continue from where you have left it. Unlike threats that do not have the options, you should just leave the show.

In OTT you got oceans of options. You will always find some or the other movie according to your mood and requirement. Where in theaters you would find those many options.

 Do you also think that going to the theater is much more expensive than OTT? It’s also a known fact that OTT is ¼ expense of theater experience. It’s economical, that’s the reasons people choose OTT over theaters.

Best OTT For Telugu Audience:


Aha is the best choice for people who are looking for telugu movies online. It is exclusively made for the telugu audience only. You can find lots and lots of free movies and primum. You can find lots of different languages dubbed into telugu just for us! Aha original movies are very entertaining. So do checkout aha and have fun.

Amazon Prime:

This is an amazing OTT and a part of Amazon. You can find all kinds of movies in different languages. No just the movies, you can also look for tv shows, series and more.


Not just in telugu or in India/, Netflix is famous worldwide. To be honest, there are not too many telugu movies on netflix but almost everyone has the account. You will enjoy watching netflix as they are complete HD.

Have a happy watch!